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“Who will win this battle?  So far: nature 3; me 0” I think I’ve had two strawberries off of my strawberry plants in the GreenStalk planter this year, even though there have been an abundance of berries. (On a side note: the plants I put in my ho
When my strawberries first started to turn red, fruit flies were devouring them. My solution was to buy some mesh bags and tuck the fruit into the bag, close up the bags, and wait for MY harvest. I thought I had won. Well, this morning, as I wen
Remember the cucumber seedlings that I planted out this past week?  Well, it has turned into an experiment. After I lost cucumber babies to some hungry nibblers, I tried two different strategies to protect my next seedlings.  1. Two plants were put
“I have always grown carrots in my garden. ” I have always had a carrot harvest. And then ..  I started watching videos telling me what I should and shouldn’t do in order to have a good crop of carrots. And then … No carrots. Nada. Nothin