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[IMG_2395.png] I do the best I can, given:  • The knowledge I have  • The experience I have  • The energy I have  • The personality I have  • The strength I have  • The goals I have  • The priorities that I have and  • The mood that I’m in  “Just d
“Mosquitoes, around here, are as bad as bindweed! ” [IMG_2307.png] ‘‘Tis the season .. for itching and scratching and swishing and smacking - contending with the attack of the mosquitoes We have been lucky in recent years and the mosquitoes haven’t
I was asked what I like about GreenStalks …  A GreenStalk is container gardening, with a unique watering system for each layer in the tower. [IMG_7078.jpeg] What I love about this system  1. No bending over … the tower makes everything much more ac
I did a walkabout today, checking out my gardensp. YouTube Video Did you see the photo of the peas? The ones that were direct down in the garden have almost caught up to those that I planted early.  “NOTE TO SELF: Next year? Just wait and direct