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I love growing the dwarf varieties of tomatoes.  Why?  Check this out: • March 17 - I put LITTLE BING dwarf tomato seeds in my hydroponics system  • March 23 - they had sprouted • April 16 - I transplanted the seedlings to soil (because they taste
Several years ago, I planted two hardy almond trees. The following spring I fell in love as the aroma from the blossoms was intoxicating!! Hardy Almonds  The variety is called Hall’s Hardy and I planted the two trees in 2018. Last year the trees pr
Gardening zones have changed.  What’s a gardening zone? It’s an average (based on recent years) indication of how cold my winters will be or could be. Why does that matter? For the most part, it doesn’t, as I rarely garden in the winter here in Ont
Can I use the hydroponic system for seed starting?  Last year, I grew some drawf tomato plants in my hydroponic system. It was fun; the tomatoes were cute but they didn’t taste like much. After the last frost date, I decided to put them in my Gr