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2024 Garden Season #11: Am I a homesteader?


This is part 11 in a 19 part series: 2024 Garden Season

I do the best I can, given: 
  • The knowledge I have 
  • The experience I have 
  • The energy I have 
  • The personality I have 
  • The strength I have 
  • The goals I have 
  • The priorities that I have and 
  • The mood that I’m in 

Just doin’ my best to be my best at being me. 

It’s not about fear.
It’s not about what’s trendy. 
It’s not about “followers”.
It’s not about being perfect or fanatical or shaming or judging. 

Our society is constantly shifting and evolving. 

We are going through a time where we explored “convenience” and where people/corporations have gotten caught up in the need for (our demand for) more and we have, well, been excessive. 

Now, as we start to get our feet planted back onto a path of basics and connected to the food we eat, well, society is in a state of uncomfortable, clinging to the past, wanting the future, not knowing which way to turn. 

And so we do our best to be our best as we find our way, whatever that is for each of us. 

a simpler life