Monthly Book Giveaway - February 2023
Hi Ms Debbie

We have kind of met at Martins other site Craftsian. I downsized here, over there I am George West. I love gardening, and trying to optimize what comes from it. Where we currently are is South of where both my Wife of 43 years, and I started our journeys. Both of us were from North of the Dayton Ohio area, bought our first home there, Moved some North of Dayton to Tipp City a County North, and a lot of acres bigger. I had lived farm like as a youngster, and wanted to get away from City living, so we bought land, and built, which I was doing at that time, along with School, and about a thousand part time jobs. Both of our work places drifted South of Dayton, and though it's not a huge area, it made for over an hour each way to get to work, which drained us both, so we moved past it to South of Dayton, and worked our last years before retirement, which both of us are enjoying. We own our home, and have no debt, so we fortunately aren't as challenged as many are, but are no where close to rich, so we pinch pennies as they say, to make for a better existence. 

Probably I will learn more here than at the woodworking end, I've been doing that for a long time, but I've just been cooking for a little bit. I love to do it, but am a student. I have worked in Gardens as far back as my early childhood, as Dad always loved his Garden. So in that I have a few lessons I have already learned, but a mind closed to learning is missing out, as they always talk about a Better Mousetrap, and refusing to learn about it, just makes you a little behind. So I try to always learn. 

Hopefully I can learn, and maybe once in a while throw in a thought or 2.